Head Coach - Coast Academy ALBANY

Barry is the proud owner of  Coast Academy Albany. Barry teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to adults and kids from ages 4 upwards, with the help of his daughter Charlotte.

Barry was introduced to Jiu Jitsu in the mid 90s with the rise of the UFC. Through a lack of confidence and a demanding day job, Barry let 23 years go by before he first stepped on the mats in early 2018 after relocating to the Silverdale area. Over the year Barry went onto lose over 25kgs through consistent training and his love for the sport. Barry noticed a distinct improvement in his physical and mental well being which he attributes to Jiu Jitsu.

Barry began assisting Professor Matt at Coast Academy Silverdale, coaching the kids classes in early 2019 and discovered a passion for helping and inspiring young kids to become more confident whilst encouraging respect on and off the mats.

A regular on the competition mats, Barry is a 3-time regional and national champion. When Barry is not competing himself, he is often mat side coaching the next generation of Jiu Jitsu athletes. Barry is committed to helping the next generation to develop their confidence and achieve their BJJ goals.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting your Jiu Jitsu journey, there’s a place for you here at Coast Academy Albany!