Head Coach - Coast Academy WELLSFORD

Dino’s introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu began in his mid-teens when his dad brought home a VHS tape recording of a UFC fight to demonstrate the difference between WWF and real fighting. Although Dino was intrigued, he never found the time to devout to the sport due to typical teenager priorities. 

In January 2017, he made a decision to jump on the mats and commit to learning the art of Jiu Jitsu. This was to be the beginning of Dino’s BJJ addiction. Since then, Dino has been training between 2-4 times a week… more if he can!

Over time, Dino began to experience a distinct change in the way Jiu Jitsu positively affected his strength, well-being and overall health. Realising these benefits, he became passionate about spreading the word and teaching others to serve as a channel of change. 

Dino has a special rapport with the Coast Academy kids and is a highly skilled technical coach. In his capacity as a coach, he hopes to continue to create a positive impact on others behaviours and mindset.

Dino is now teaching kids martial arts at both Wellsford and Warkworth Coast Academy Clubs.